About Us

Been a car guy all my life. I took a small machine shop out of the basement of a Napa store and Precision Engine Rebuilders was born in 1993. We specialized in aluminum cylinder heads which led us into performance and restoration engine rebuilding. We added an engine dynamometer for engine testing and our latest addition is a Haas CNC 4 axis machine. The Haas CNC is used for block machining and custom parts and accessories.

When time allows, we attend the NMCA/NMRA races. PER has a 2005 Mustang that we used to run in the Renegade class. It’s been a while but keep an eye out for this beautiful orange car. She will be returning to the track very soon.
Our main priority here at PER is quality and durability. It’s great to do an engine from start to finish. This includes building the complete engine to testing it on the dyno when it’s complete. But not everyone needs a complete engine. For those who don’t, we do basic machining of automotive parts including cylinder heads, etc.

PER has built engines from flathead fords and muscle cars, all the way up to 920cid engines which include automotive and marine applications. We average about 50-60 motors a year. Whether they are supercharged, turbocharged, or nitrous applications, we can do it all.

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