Block Work

Whether your block is new or used, we’ve got you covered. We can clean it down to the original cast iron block. Magnaflux it for cracks or pressure test it. Can also ultrasonic test it for thickness of cylinder walls and do complete block machining. Most done on a CNC machine for a truly blueprinted block.

Block Work - Domestic & Foreign. All Work Done In House.

  • Thermo clean block, remove cam bearings/freeze plugs
  • Magnaflux - Check for cracks
  • Line Hone
  • Line bore hardened caps
  • Lifter bores
  • Boring and Honing with plates using diamond hone
  • Blueprinting of blocks with CNC equipment
  • Clearance of blocks for stroker motors
  • O-ring block
  • Weld and repair aluminum blocks
  • Fill blocks --- Hard block

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