Motor Work

We can perform custom work using manual lathes and mills such as cutting piston tops, setting up rocker arm geometry, and milling intake manifolds. We can set up clearances for large stroke crankshafts, recondition connecting rods, file fit rings and install cylinder sleeves.

We have machined, assembled and dyno tested motors such as Ford Flathead V8’s to modern LSX and modular motors. We’ve also assembled some unique motors like Alfa Romeo, Porsche, and Mercedes. We’ve restored a lot of older muscle cars from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s, including a Pontiac SD Motor 455, Pontiac 1965 Tripower, Oldsmobile 1969 442-400 engine, and a 1939 Flathead with a McCulloch supercharger, just to name a few.

Motor Work - Domestic & Foreign. All Work Done In House.

  • Check piston to cylinder wall, piston pin clearance, crank oil clearance, crank end play, piston to deck, piston to head and valves, rocker arm geometry and push rod length
  • Degree cam
  • Custom mill intake
  • Computerized crank balancing

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