Services - Domestic & Foreign. All Work Done In House.

PER offers a variety of services that are available for your next high performance motor build or restoration project.

If you are a weekend warrior or compete in a national series, PER can build you a motor that will put you on top of the competition. From mill work to full race port & polish, PER is on the cutting edge of all the new technology available in the racing industry. Below you will find a list of services that we offer.

Block Work

  • Thermo clean block, remove cam bearings/freeze plugs
  • Magnaflux - Check for cracks
  • Line Hone
  • Line bore hardened caps
  • Lifter bores
  • Boring and Honing with plates using diamond hone
  • Blueprinting of blocks with CNC equipment
  • Clearance of blocks for stroker motors
  • O-ring block
  • Weld and repair aluminum blocks
  • Fill blocks --- Hard block

Head Work

  • Clean and check for cracks, guide, and valve wear
  • Radius cut on serdi and valves cut back (V8)
  • Mill heads
  • Street Porting
  • Street/Strip porting
  • Race port & polish
  • Weld and repair aluminum heads
  • Center less grind valve for accuracy
  • Seat/guide replacement
  • Cynlinder Head Repair
  • Blow Out Spark Plugs

Motor Work

  • Check piston to cylinder wall, piston pin clearance, crank oil clearance, crank end play, piston to deck, piston to head and valves, rocker arm geometry and push rod length
  • Degree cam
  • Custom mill intake
  • Computerized crank balancing

Other Services

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of high performance parts
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Custom milling
  • Superflow Dyno testing